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When Will TurboTax 2010 Income Tax Software Be Available?


Since tax laws and tax rates change continuously, nationally as well as in the different states, it is imperative to always use the latest versions of any tax calculating program. All the TurboTax income tax software programs will be obtainable in the Tax Year 2011-2012 versions, This includes the web versions TurboTax Basic, TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier and TurboTax State.

The TurboTax 1040 federal and state products for the Tax Year 2010 will be released in late November 2010, while the TurboTax State download products will be available in the beginning of 2012.


For some states the TurboTax State download products will be ready for release as early as in mid-January, but other states might have to wait until mid-February depending on the different procedures of each state. TurboTax 2010 programs will be available in most off-line retail stores until the middle of April 2010, while the online stores keep them year round.


Ordering TurboTax 2010

You can download TurboTax Editions through the links here or, use one of the most convenient ways of obtaining the new 2010 programs by signing up for the TurboTax Automatic Renewal Plan. When you have found a TurboTax program that you like and wish to continue to use, you no longer have to remember ordering the new version of that program each year. If you signed up for the Automatic Renewal Plan when you purchased an earlier product, the requested TurboTax 2010 program will be delivered to you automatically as soon as it is released. Your credit card will be charged for the new program, but the shipping and handling is totally free.

TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareA notification will be sent out to you before any charging is done, and you will always have the opportunity to cancel your order. You can also browse through the available products and decide whether you want to make any changes before your order is processed. Maybe one of the other TurboTax programs would be more suitable for you this year?


An Automatic Renewal order for Tax Year 2010 can be changed or cancelled until October 30, 2010. If you do not wish to do any changes you can simply sit back and relax, and your TurboTax 2010 program will be delivered to you as soon as it is released, well in time for you to do your taxes before the deadline. By signing up for the TurboTax Automatic Renewal Plan you will also receive special rewards designated for direct customers.


Upgrading TurboTax Editions


The large changes from one year to another means that it is impossible to upgrade a previous year TurboTax product to a 2010 version by simply installing an “add-on” module. There can be updates available at the homepage, but such updates are aimed at the 2010 version of the program and can not be used to turn a earlier year TurboTax program into a complete TurboTax 2010 program.

If you receive an error message claiming that “Setup could not find a product to which the patch in this installer applies” when you try to update your TurboTax 2010 program online, it means that the 2010 income tax software version has not been properly installed on your computer. The same message will appear for those who mistakenly try to download the update to modernize their earlier year programs.

HR Block Income Tax SoftwareSeveral TurboTax 2010 programs will contain the much appreciated ItsDeductible software, a program which helps you to correctly estimate the value of items donated to charity during the year and perform the appropriate deductions. In December 2010, ItsDeductible Online will be available on the manufacturer's website. The ItsDeductible workbook will be available until the end of April 2012 (for the Tax Year 2010).


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