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TurboTax Premier Income Tax Software


TurboTax Premier is the most comprehensive tax-saving solution from Intuit, the company behind the popular tax calculating program TurboTax Basic.


TurboTax Premier is based on the same easy to follow step-by-step solution that has made TurboTax Basic such a great success, but is aimed at taxpayers with a more complex tax situation.


The Premier Edition contains all the features found in lower editions, but it can perform advanced calculations for form 1040 with Schedules C, D or E.


TurboTax Premier is packed with extra tools and an abundance of tips and guidelines, but without loosing the simplicity and user friendliness for which TurboTax is famous.

It's an ideal software when you need to prepare 1040 tax returns since the program will maximize your tax savings and makes you avoid any pitfalls. TurboTax Premier will make it easy for you to handle tax issues concerning investments, Schedule C business taxes, 401(k) plans, and rental property.

Small Business Tax Support

Do you own a small or medium sized business? Are you taking care of work from your home office? Make sure you get all the tax deductions and write offs you are entitled to by taking advantage of the TurboTax Premier benefits. With Premier, filling out the forms for Schedule C taxes is no longer something complicated and troublesome.


TurboTax Premier will provide you with all the guidance and advice you need to make correct estimations of depreciation deductions, home office expenses and more. Advertising costs, interest payments, insurance costs, office expenses and leased or owned vehicles are just a few of the topics where American companies loose considerable amounts of money each year by not taking advantage of the tax deductions they are entitled to.

TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareUsing TurboTax Premier is very simple and the procedure consists of a comprehensive step-by-step interview where you answer a series of uncomplicated questions that make it possible for TurboTax Premier to maximize your tax deductions and fill out the necessary IRS-approved forms for you. If you need any explanations or clarifying examples during the interview, help is never more than a click away. You donít have to skim through a brick sized tax book or listen to someone lecturing you about things you already know or issues that are irrelevant to your particular business. You simply ask TurboTax Premier for additional information when you encounter a question you wish to know more about, and skip rapidly through the areas that you are already familiar with.

TurboTax Premier will make you conscious of all the expenses that are fully or partly deductible for you and your business, and also fill out all the forms necessary in order to actually bring the money back to you from the IRS. TurboTax Premier will always double check your return for overlooked business deductions. Unlike many other tax aids available today in the form of books, videos and general guides. TurboTax Premier will focus on your specific needs and the particular areas of interest for your business. Even the interview will be customized to fit your situation and you wonít have to click through a bunch of questions clearly irrelevant to your specific business.

TurboTax Premier gives you full control over the tax calculating process and you will instantly see how each answer affects your tax refund. It is very easy to go back and make changes to your earlier answers. Every time you return to TurboTax Premier, the program will remember where your were in the process and take you to the right place.

HR Block Income Tax SoftwareOne much appreciated feature in the TurboTax Premier Program is the Audit Alerts for Business. TurboTax Premier will check your entire return and make you aware of any entries that might trigger an IRS audit. By taking the necessary steps to avoid an audit you can look forward to much less hassle with the IRS and fewer problems to work through before receiving the correct tax return.



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