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Give TurboTax As A Gift This Holiday Season


TurboTax Software makes a great gift for anyone who does their own taxes. Really anyone filing a 1040 form should be using TurboTax Income Tax Software to save money by doing their own taxes. This makes TurboTax the perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays.

Which Version Of TurboTax Makes A Great Gift

The only trick to buying TurboTax software as a gift is deciding which version of TurboTax to give. Keep in mind that anyone can upgrade to a more expensive edition at anytime for the difference in cost.


TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareThe safest bet is TurboTax Premier which will provide an easy way to file even the most complicated taxes.


If the person receiving your gift has a small business than Premier is definitely the way to go. The nice thing about giving TurboTax as a gift is that it can include a State edition which makes your TurboTax gift a complete package.


 If the person receiving TurboTax just files a basic 1040 and maybe takes the home and dependant deductions, than you can go with TurboTax Basic or if they have investments use TurboTax Deluxe.


The only gotcha with investments and TurboTax is stock options. If you think the person receiving your gift of TurboTax software has stock option income then be sure to give TurboTax Premier which can process stock option income as well as standard investment income.

Turbo Tax Gift Card Reward Program

HR Block Income Tax SoftwareIn the past Turbo Tax has offered a gift card program. Hereís how it works:
If you get a tax refund, you can have a portion of it put on gift cards for certain retailers.


Then, when you use the gift card, the retailer will credit back a portion unto the gift card. I know it sounds confusing but it works out to a 10% to 30% bonus depending on the retailer.

Iím not recommending this deal, but if you are going to spend your refund anyway, you might as well consider this program.

Do Your Own Taxes With TurboTax Income Tax Software



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