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TurboTax Basic Income Tax Software


Using TurboTax Basic can save you a lot of time, trouble and money when you calculate your taxes.


Contrary to many other tax aids, TurboTax Basic is not a tax book filled with rules, or a general manual for calculating taxes. Instead, you will be guided through the process step-by-step and no time will be wasted on tax issues that aren’t relevant for you and your current financial situation.


With this tax software edition, you do not have to transfer any numbers into complicated tax forms. That's an additional bonus that saves you all the time you would have wasted thanks to not having to hunt down tax form A333b, just to find that it was actually tax form A333f that you were supposed to use.


Easy to follow formatting

The step-by-step preparation process in TurboTax Basic is carried out in plain English, not legal mumble jumble. You will never have to consult professional tax books or dictionaries to understand the questions that are laid out in simple to understand laymen's terms.


If you wish to obtain more information about a specific question, you simply click the appropriate button and TurboTax Basic will fill you in on everything you need to know to answer the question correctly. This way you will receive a lot of help and information when you need it, and can skip rapidly through areas that you are more familiar with.

Custom Interview Process

One of TurboTax Basic's unique features is that every new interview will be customized based on your answers. As soon as the program has received information about you it will customize the following questions based on that data.


This interview process insures you will not have to click through a long row of questions that are clearly irrelevant to your specific situation. This helps avoid  wasting time on questions about filing jointly with a spouse when you have stated that you are single.


Support and Advice


TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareYou will also have access to a large database of information regarding tax returns and money saving tips, along with the clear every-day examples in TurboTax Basic that make even complicated tax issues easy to understand and address.

TurboTax Basic will automatically use your answers to fill in the correct IRS approved forms. You will also be able to see the effect of your answers throughout the entire process and keep track of your calculated tax refund or amount due. Needless to say, TurboTax Basic will perform the necessary calculations and do all the math for you. From now on, your trusty old calculator can rest in the drawer when you do your taxes.

A new feature is the comprehensive summary that you will see after completing each set of questions. This gives you even better control over the process since you can quickly edit any incorrect information or “typo” after each section, instead of having to work through an entire tax form searching for that single error that made the end result completely implausible. When you make one change in TurboTax Basic, the program will automatically check if any other questions are effected by that data and make the necessary adjustments in all the affected forms. Naturally, you will be able to go back and edit all the answers at anytime regardless of in which section you are currently working in. You can easily navigate to any point in the calculations and then return back with one click.

The Basic Edition is available for Mac's or PC users running Windows. When you use it for the second time, you will be happy to notice that all relevant data from last year can be automatically transferred into the new tax calculation. This makes fast tax refunds possible, and if you use e-file you can get your money in less time with direct deposit.





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