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TurboTax and H&R Block continue to stay at the top of the sales charts, largely due to their decades of experience, and their ability to create an easy to follow income tax preparation process.


Income tax preparation software programs are truly a great way to put money back in your pocket. I'm not a fan of paying taxes, I don't think anyone really is, so putting a little extra effort into keeping your hard earned cash should be high up on your list.



HR Block Income Tax SoftwareFor myself, after just the first year of using tax software to prepare my return, I was hooked. I had found deductions I was missing for several years before I started using income tax software. This actually got me excited about preparing my own return every year.


In reality, when I look back now I can see how using a tax software program has helped me better prepare for - and get more deductions every year. The beauty of it is that while preparing my return, other deduction options are presented that get me looking at setting myself up to qualify for them during the year. This in tern allows me to take these deductions come tax time, putting more cash back in my pocket - not Uncle Sam's...


Anyway, give it a try yourself, you may be shocked at what your missing on your income tax return that could put a lot more cash back in your pocket...


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