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TurboTax Schedule C Self Employment Taxes


TurboTax Premier makes filing the Schedule C for a self employed sole proprietorship easy.


I run an IT consulting business that also generates taxable revenue through online publishing and advertising revenue.


For years I've used TurboTax Premier to file my self employment income taxes that require the Schedule C.

TurboTax Premier Makes Schedule C's Easy

TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareDuring the year I simply make sure I document my taxable revenue coming in and any expenses that are incurred as part of my business.


Then when I begin my Schedule C form with TurboTax I just fill in the blanks for my revenue and expenses.


TurboTax Premier makes taking business deductions such as the home office and related utility deductions a snap.


You simply tell TurboTax Premier how much square footage your home office is vs. your total house and it automatically created deductions as a percentage of that home office space.


This is then saved year after year so you only have to enter it once per household.


HR Block Income Tax SoftwareTurboTax Premier simply looks at the previous years data and applies the deduction as necessary.


Auto deductions with TurboTax Premier are also a snap.


Just pick the per mile deduction or the actual cost and enter your data and TurboTax Premier applies your deduction to your Schedule C.


Finally your Schedule C is added with your 1040 and Schedule A and your done.


Without TurboTax Premier I'd be spending lots of money on an accountant that TurboTax eliminated.

Do Your Own Taxes With TurboTax Income Tax Software






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