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How My Mom Started Using TurboTax Software


My mom and dad have always had a tax time ritual of covering the kitchen table with paper and receipts and using sharp pencils to fill out numerous tax forms.


Every year this occurs with both my mom and dad becoming crabby as they toiled away doing taxes with pencil and paper.


I had been using TurboTax software for a few years and I knew my taxes were more complicated than theirs.


I'd always suggested they switch to using TurboTax software to do their own taxes. They always stated that they trusted their method and kept up the ritual.

How I Sold My Parents On TurboTax

TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareFinally one year after they finished their taxes I invited them over to enter their tax information into my copy of TurboTax Deluxe. They then sat down and simply filled in the questions that TurboTax asked as it guided them along.


Once done, they were surprised to find two deductions they were eligible for but had not thought to take. These tax deductions were not sneaky or anything just common ones they overlooked.


After entering their tax information into TurboTax Deluxe, they found they saved $300.00. That's a big savings over and above what it costs for the TurboTax Software.


HR Block Income Tax SoftwareWell that was enough, the next year they bought their own copy of TurboTax and completed their taxes manually, then checked their work by entering their tax information into TurboTax.


Now they were sold, they realized that using TurboTax income tax software was safe and more likely to result in accurate tax forms then their old manual process.


Sometimes things that can make our routines easier sit right in front of us for a long time before we discover them and how much simpler they can make our lives.


It's now four years later and they always do their taxes using TurboTax and have tossed out the manual tax ritual that is now known to them to be antiquated.

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