H&R Block Tax Filing Discounts for 2018 - 2019 Tax Season

H&R Block Basic Edition

Pay when you're done. Get Worry-free Audit Support® included when you e-file.

HR Block Basic 2018 - 2019

Easy, low-cost tax preparation made simple.

Start for FREE. Pay only when you're done. Get Worry-free Audit Support® included when you e-file. Efile Key Code

Is H&R Block Basic Right For You?

If your filing a simple return and don't need software to fill special forms, then HR Block Basic Federal is all you need to correctly fill out your federal return.

For more advanced needs try the HR Block Deluxe or HR Block Premium editions for more complex returns.

HR Block Basic Federal Online is a great way to prepare you return on the H&R Block website, or, you have the choice of downloading the software directly to your computer, or ordering a physical CD disc from which you can install it on your computer. The software is available for both Windows based computers and Mac's.

Today's software packages for different situations can be so loaded down with extras, extras you simply may not need. Finding the perfect edition for you is attained by looking at the different financial issues you deal with every day, medical, education, home ownership, investments. Different programs are all available to make the best for any filing needs. The Basic Edition is just that, Basic, what you need for simple returns without the need for bells and whistles.

H&R Block Basic At Home Federal takes all the confusion out of doing your taxes. It starts with a series of simple, easy to answer questions that will quickly guide you through the tax return process. When your done it double checks all of your answers to make sure that there aren't any errors.

Features Include:

DeductionPro to help you maximize your savings on any deductions you can possibly qualify for from charitable donations.

HR Block Basic even imports your financial information from Quicken, TurboTax and Microsoft Money. While Basic Federal is only for your federal tax return, you can add a state return for an extra fee.

HR Block Basic Software can make adjustments for buying a home, changing jobs or careers, getting married and other life changing events, you'll be sure that you're going to receive all of the tax benefits that you can qualify for.

Supported: Get real audit support from a real person - really. Worry-free Audit Support® included when you e-file. In the event of an audit, receive personal assistance from an IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent with audit representation expertise - not a self-serve Web site or FAQ page.