H&R Block Tax Filing Discounts for 2018 - 2019 Tax Season

H&R Block 2018 Editions

H&R Block 2018 Review

HR Block 2018 makes tax time easy as it starts with a clean and efficient interface that allows easy navigation in a user friendly format. A strait-forward interview process leaves no room for error and, takes the headache out of tax time.

One of the unique features that H&R Block offers is a free session with a professional tax advisor. This can save you money and time and provide peace of mind while insuring an accurate return

HR Block 2018 offers all of the necessary tools for the average homeowner, taxpayer with investments, and those looking to itemize their returns. It’s budget-friendly with one of the lowest costs for advanced tax software on the market.


One of the strengths I find in HRBlock is that you don't need tax preparation experience of to feel comfortable with the At Home software. H&R Block's years of experience in preparing taxes have been implemented into the software's interview process so that all your work is simple tax preparation procedures.

H&R Block Online Tax Filing

HR Block 2018 offers a unique and comprehensive line of features that include tax advice when you need it, along with the ability to import tax or financial data from HR Block Online, HRBlock Software, and TurboTax Software.

H&R Block provides an extensive explanation of tax regulations and tax laws to ensure your getting all the right advice, along with an online video explaining the new tax law changes.

Additional features for future planning, including a Retirement Savings Enhancer and Tax Planning reports that are great for future tax planning.

H&R Block 2018's simple interview process, always includes a Learn More button that's close by for a deeper explanation to help you sort through any confusion. HRBlock continually audits your return for errors which are presented at the end so you can make any necessary corrections needed. If you're still unsure of yourself, you can ask an H&R Block Online professional for customized tax advice, by one-on-one phone call or corresponding by e-mail.

With HR Block Software you can check the status of your return to see where it’s at in the IRS after your return is filed, and you can have the refund deposited directly into your bank account, saving you a trip to the bank..

Worry-Free Audit Support through H&R Block is available, so if you get audited, an H&R Block representative will guide you through your dealings with the IRS, and represent you if needed, priceless in the event of an audit.

H&R Block Download Software

H&R Block 2018 also guarantees accurate calculations, and that you will receive the maximum refund possible. If an error does occur, H&R Block will reimburse resulting IRS penalties and interest charges. As for the Maximum Refund Guarantee - if you find another online tax preparation method that results in a bigger refund, or smaller liability, HR Block will refund your preparation fees.

H&R Block 2018 Quick Start Guide

H&R Block took a simplistic approach when designing the user interface for their software and it works perfectly. You simply wont find a confusing or overwhelming screen.

HR Block software is also available in a boxed software, CD or Download versions for those who may not have an Internet connection, or those who want to file more than one return. The boxed software also includes DeductionPro and WILLPower. The two applications can aid you in preparing your return and getting the biggest refund possible.

Whether you choose the online or the boxed version of H&R Block's Tax Software, the Ask a Tax Advisor will ease any worries that come with income tax filing.

With the H&R Block 2018 Editions you are provided with the best tax support while you are logged in and preparing your income tax return. HR Block provides a “Get Answers” section online that has questions and answers relevant to the section you are working on at any given time. They also provide a “Get More Help” option and searchable Facts and Questions forum.

Our review found their tax help current, thorough and relevant to the topics we chose. On their website, they provide abundant tax articles on all topics along with tips and a tax blog. Their tax blog was up-to-date with current and useful posts.

HR Block also provides a free iPhone app available through the iTunes store. This app provides a tax estimator, a help center, a tax checklist, a tax quiz as well as a “Find an Office” search tool.

H&R Block provides excellent support options, including customer and technical support that is available by telephone. Online there are installation, download and login instructions and support.

During the tax season, you can also contact them with instant chat 24/7. During the off-season, they are available by chat and telephone.

They also offer video conferencing where you can take advantage of one-on-one video conference assistance with preparing your return. H&R Block is active and accessible on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You can even log in to your H&R Block account on Facebook if you so desire.

HR Block 2018 Tax Software Products

H R Block is a leading top performing and top selling product for income tax preparation services.

With this years new At Home registered trademark making it's début, it's time to take a new look at this product line.

Comparing this product line to it's closest competitor, TurboTax, the H&R Block line is a money saving approach at a much lower cost.

These two top contenders have been in the battle for top place for years and it looks like the battle will continue on for years.

The software comparisons show similar products at their base, but, H&R Block has been adding far more add-ons, and accessories to their products at no extra charge.

Ease of use is really determined by the consumer with each individual having a different opinion on which one they find more useful or user friendly.

All in all, if your looking for the best deal, you most likely wont find TurboTax at a better price than what you can get the comparable H&R Block product for. So if price is something you want to consider, go for HR Block products and you should be happy with your decision.

If you have already been using TurboTax, you can switch since HR Block Imports TurboTax data making it simple and quick.