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HR Block Income Tax Software


Using H&R Block income tax software to prepare your tax return has proven to be a great choice with millions of satisfied customers every year.


With decades of local neighborhood professional tax preparation to draw their expertise from, it's no wonder that their do-it-yourself income tax software ranks so high in reviews, and sales.


Over 50 years ago this company got it's roots  planted  to become what it is today, a top rated tax preparation platform of software and local professional offices.


H&R Block Income Tax Software editions include:


Free Edition

This edition is a great choice for simple 1040 - 1040ez tax return needs. If your working for a company and drawing a paycheck, and just need to claim your income on your return, this free edition may work just fine for you.


This free edition includes federal tax preparation and efile. This makes it an all in one package for your federal return. State tax filing can be added for a fee.


Basic Edition

The basic edition adds on a few features to the free edition format to make it a better package for many filers.


Import abilities make preparing your return a lot quicker since you can import previous years personal data as well as employer earnings from many participating companies.


Additional support is also a great added feature that helps you get moving again quickly after encountering a complicated question.


Deluxe Edition

Here's where the big upgrades start to kick in for this product line. The deluxe income tax software edition adds in a bulk of features that make it an ideal choice for family life.


With this edition you get extended support for deductions like education, medical, homeowners, and charitable contributions. It offers more support for retaining more of you hard earned dollars.


HR Block Income Tax Software

Premium Edition

For those who have investments and more complicated returns, the premium edition is the right choice for you. When filing your return for stocks, options and mutual fund investments, it's a perfect solution to guide you every step of the way.


Other filing needs like investment properties and self employment are other areas where this edition shines and makes your tax preparation an easy to complete process.


Home + Business Edition

The premium home and business edition is a ideal solution for an all in one package to help you file your personal and small business tax return. This is a great way to go since you most likely have personal investments along with your business filing needs.


It's a great package to get all your filing needs done in the most efficient way. Guidance for business deductions help you ensure your not paying in more than you need to. With a diverse formatted interview process, this product tailors itself to your filing needs - leaving out all the mumble jumble that does not apply to your situation.


With a reputation of quality and user friendly experiences, this income tax software brand can make tax time a better experience than your use to.



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