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Do Your Own Taxes With Income Tax Software


If your like me you end up paying in to the government every year once your taxes are done. Why would you pay someone to tell you how much tax you owe. When you do your own taxes, you save the preparation fee.


Today's tax software makes doing your own taxes easy, even if you run a small business.

With all the forms and paperwork involved in doing taxes, I don't know how anybody does their own taxes without software like TurboTax or HR Block tax preparation programs. I started using TurboTax Deluxe in 2000 and found it so easy to use that I've prepared my taxes my taxes myself ever since.


Now, my taxes are not easy. I have a good personal income, and I run a small business along with doing a lot of investing. This means my tax software must do the standard 1044 plus schedule C, Schedule D and Schedule A. No way could I do this tax preparation myself without software that makes it quick and easy.

Filing yourself and saving money...


TurboTax Income Tax SoftwareA tax accountant would likely charge me several hundred dollars to do my taxes with all these forms and schedules. TurboTax makes it easy for me to prepare my taxes in advance, and get an outlook on my next years tax obligation.

Initially I was able to use TurboTax Deluxe which costs about $39.99 and usually had a rebate. This covered all my needs for doing my own taxes. In 2010 Intuit changed Turbo Tax so that you can still use the Deluxe Edition if you do your regular income and small business filing. That would be a 1044 and Schedule C.


If you have Stock Options that are part of your income you'll need to step up to TurboTax Premier which is a great program for more complicated returns. Even though for tax payers like myself with more detailed filing needs, it is still WAY cheaper and easier than working with an accountant.


HR Block Income Tax SoftwareFor those that are hesitant to do their own taxes I'd recommend doing what my parents did. They tried Turbo Tax and then compared the end result to what their accountant came up with. They found that TurboTax actually found legal deductions their accountant wasn't using. When they pointed this out the accountant admitted he overlooked the deductions.

State programs are available for each state, I always use this product as well. It works great because it will just pull my federal information from my premier software and load the information into the state edition. This works with all other versions of TurboTax Software except free editions.


Income Tax Software Programs for Simple Preparation



Top Brand Income Tax Software really makes doing your own taxes a great way to easily save money. There are other tax software brands out there that can work for you but, now with mature titles like these here you'd be wise to stick with these proven products that please their customers every year.





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